Entry #1

DeviantART Artist Feeling the NewGround Grove!

2009-06-19 02:29:33 by Kralissa

I'm a deviantART member, not a maga popluar artist but well known as a dragon, anthro and the balloon icon artist, .

Hopefully I can make some video for Newgrounds to enjoy but for now I'm submitted some art that I made for my self, family and or friends on deviantART.

If you like to check me out on deviantart here's the link.

Dragon-Lady's deviantART Account

Nice meeting you all and enjoying the NewGrounds experience!!

DeviantART Artist Feeling the NewGround Grove!


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2009-07-04 10:02:49

Hello Kralissa, Why'd you joined? It creeps the crap out of me!?

Kralissa responds:

Well I joined because of the new art portal. I've been watching newgrounds flash for about 4 or 5 years but never joined. My sister Paradise-of-Darkness joined way long ago on here.

I am plaining to do a flash or two as well hopefully I can it's pretty hard and I just can't get my program to work.

Sorry if I gave you the creeps that I joined I didn't mean too XD


2009-08-26 18:49:39

I'm glad you joined. Welcome to Newgrounds!


2011-05-26 11:09:55

Cool!Send a message to me soon!


2011-06-16 07:39:45

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